Collateral Damage

Finest acoustic entertainment for all occasions

Richmond, Virginia

Restaurants, clubs, concerts, weddings, and private parties



Collateral Damage has temporarily suspended its operation effective September 15, 2003 due to the relocation of Fast Eddie to Jacksonville, FL for a position with a regional insurer group.  This doesn't mean we are not ever playing together again (what was it that Diana Ross said, after all?), but it does mean that we're not booking dates or gigs for the foreseeable future.  Enjoy our website with our compliments (there are 20+song files to download on the last page of the site).  We've appreciated our fans over the last couple of years and we love you guys... stay well and happy - we hope to play for you again soon!



Casey “Fingers” McCue on the guitar


Herb “Fast Eddie” Curlee on the bass & guitar

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